Today technology can play a preeminent role in making classroom teaching, learner-centric but teachers need to make sure the technology is used beneficently and does not take away the teacher-student relationship. Technology can also be useful in helping students learn more efficiently and effectively. However, overuse of technology can lead to students feeling distracted and disengaged from the physical classroom.

In the current environment, teachers need to incorporate the latest technology in their classrooms. Most teachers today own smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but they often struggle to find the right balance between using technology and remaining immersed in the classroom. Unfortunately, teaching and learning can sometimes suffer as a result of this imbalance. So they need to find the right balance between using technology and remaining immersed in the classroom.

Fortunately, here at Jayshree Periwal High School, the teachers strike the perfect balance and use technology as a tool, rather than becoming reliant on it. Teachers take breaks now and then to get away from technology and focus on various engaging activities. Teachers are comfortable with technology often find technological tools helpful in managing their classrooms. Some of the commonly used teaching tools include Podcasts, YouTube, Google Classroom, etc. Most of our educators are won over by the bells and whistles that come with technology and convert it into a quality education that is child friendly and learner-centric, being in control of the technology, makes its way into our classroom. Not every technology, which is available, with so many dynamic variables, will work in every classroom, teachers make the right decisions when it comes to the technology that best suits the sine qua non of their teaching and their students’ holistic development.


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