Our academic programs support creative practitioners who strive for a world that’s brighter, more inclusive, relentlessly innovative, and ecologically resilient.
Stated by the UNESCO as the fundamental human right, is the Right To Education. This right is touted with a characteristic backdrop of education without discrimination or exclusion. Thus, in compliance with international norms and in accordance with the thinking of the director who believes each kid is special, at JPHS we strive to impart knowledge with keen eyes to demands and needs of each and every student taking into account their caliber. We create an air of such harmony that each student is encouraged and feels comfortable to approach any faculty and staff member to clarify their doubts and to ask for help in both the academic and social sphere of life. At JPHS, efforts are being strengthened each day with the inclusion of reforms such as recruitment of special educators for the differently able already adopted, special infrastructure like portable ramps for wheelchairs and special care at the infirmary are top notch.

Pre-Primary Programme

The Pre Primary curriculum is designed to cater to the child’s overall development in all areas of functioning and is based on the PYP for IB.
It includes Play group, nursery, LKG, UKG classes. The program facilitates kinesthetic learning through use of activities and play props which  help the children learn while having fun and social interactions with the other kids. Children at this stage learn the fundamental concepts of shapes, numbers, colours, animals, plants, etc. that helps ease the transition to formal schooling.

Here we focus on developing the child’s social skills, self regulation skills, boosting pre literacy skills, building a foundation for maths, nurturing their creativity and curosity,let children make their own choices, help them take care of themselves as they take care of each other and learn something new everyday.

Primary Programme

Primary school curricullm has been designed along the National Education Policy to develop within students of grade 1 to 5 an equal measure of content knowledge, skill application and attitude building. The curriculum encourages students to engage in authentic inquiry, exploration and creative problem-solving skills.

Within our nonpareil school framework, we integrate the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies along with Music, Art, Physical education, Dance, and Music to create a holistic foundation for our program. Digital learning is woven throughout our program across disciplines through an Interdisciplinary approach, the acquisition of knowledge, the development of conceptual understanding, and mastery of skills helping our learners build a firm foundation.
For the overall development of each child, the school offers opportunities for equal participation in School assemblies, summer projects, and competitions such as Spell-O-Pedia, Elocution, Debate, Solo Vocal, Poetry & Story Writing, Story Reading, Collage Making, Pin Board Making, Caption Writing, Number Ninja & other class activities.
The school also encourages ample participation in Inter School Competitions- a platform for students to compete with other schools, giving them exposure to develop cutting-edge capabilities and in turn boosting their confidence as they challenge their peer groups.

Middle School Programme

The scholastic program is built for students of grade 6 to 8 in line with the National Education Policy, designed to meet children’s varied intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs.The school provides a structure of learning, encouraging students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers.

The middle school curriculum includes science, maths, social studies, civic values, art and craft, performing arts, music, sports,dance, field trips, exchange programs, social outreach all geared towards holistic development of the child. By learning their own languages and about their culture, students begin to develop the foundation of international-mindedness, which is an integral part of the philosophy of JPHS.
The emphasis on differential and inclusive learning that allows for open-minded thinking and effective communication. The curriculum is intellectually challenging and encourages students to make connections between the subjects and the real world. It fosters scientific temper, a sense of civic responsibility and . the development of intercultural understanding and global citizenship, which are essential for life in the 21st century.

The Jayshree Periwal High School prepares students in areas far beyond the academic classroom curriculum, teaching them how to research, collaborate, use their innovative skills, find solutions, put enough time, effort, and hard work into extracurricular activities, helping them pick up key skills to get a great grapple on dealing with the real world.

Secondary School Programme

Secondary school covers grade 9 and 10 where the students are prepped to appear for CBSE Secondary school Certificate Exam. The students are offered the follwng subjects as part of their curricullum. In addition to this the students are actively enegaged extra curricular activities to inculcate life skills like effective communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, being organised, critical and creative thinking etc.,.They are exposed to best of opportunities to hone their aesthetics, scientific temper, social and entrepreneurial aptitude..

Senior Secondary School Programme

The senior secondary curriculum which encompasses grade 11 and 12. The curriculum facilitates students to pursue their chosen career path based on their skill and aptitude.
We provide many opportunities for students to find out their true passion with mentors guiding them on how to bring their dreams to reality. With classes and subject combinations aimed to pinpoint career interests and hopefully prepare students for post high school education and training, we helps students gain an understanding of the world around them and how to live in a high-functioning society. Hence, our true approach to an all-round development of the child enhances commitment, leadership, communication, time management, flexibility, creative thinking abilities (activating the right side of the brain), marketing skills, business acumen, organizational skills, writing skills, and strong analytical, to name a few. In a world of rivalry and hierarchy, our extracurricular approach help children feel comfortable in their own skin.

Humanities Stream

1 English Core
2 Political Science/ Applied-Commercial Art/ Hindustani Music Vocal/ Informatics Practices/Psychology/ Kathak-Dance
3 Geography/Mathematics/Economics/ Sociology /App/Commercial Art / Kathak-Dance
4 History / Sociology/ Applied-Commercial Art/ Physical Education/ Kathak-Dance
5 Informatics Practices/ Applied-Commercial Art/ Physical Education/Psychology/ Entrepreneurship/ Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics/Economics/ French/Marketing/ Hindustani Music Vocal/ Kathak-Dance

Commerce Stream

1 English Core
2 Accountancy
3 Business Studies
4 Economics
5 Informatics Practices / Applied-Commercial Art/ Physical Education/ Psychology/Entrepreneurship/ Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics/ Economics/ French/Marketing/ Hindustani Music Vocal / Kathak-Dance

Science Stream

1 English Core
2 Physics
3 Chemistry
4 Biology / Mathematics
5 Informatics Practices/ Applied-Commercial Art/ Physical Education/ Psychology/Entrepreneurship/Economics/French/Marketing/Hindustani Music Vocal /Kathak-Dance