From affiliations to the best sports communities, from the incorporation of modern techniques of instruction and training, to the elitist range of equipment, the management spares no expense and the sports faculty leaves no stone unturned in a quest to crash the glass ceilings of the competitive world of sports.


We are true champions when it come s to the sporting arena, in fact Jayshree Periwal High school has been the district champions in the track and field events for five consecutive years. And the in the last edition we swept the championships in all age categories. A feat which bears witness to the endearing vision of the school that envisages holistic development of the student.
Jayshree Periwal High School
Model United Nations
IIMUN I Shreyans Malani, Kajal Sood, Mahiraj Khangarot
II Shree Harsha Nelaturu(JPHS won the Best Delegation)
III Arinjay Bisht, Ambica Naithani, Tanya Mishra, Priyansh Sethi, Sanchit Sharma, Sankalp Jain
Vivek High School, Chandigarh Best Delegate Ambica Naithani, Shantanu Singh, Ahalya Rajesh
Special Mention Shantanu Singh, Ahalya Rajesh
Special Mention Tanisha Goel
Best Position Paper Satvik Jain
JPHS won the prize for Best Delegation
Modern School Best Delegate Ambica Naithani
Special Mention Pritika Nag, Sakshi Prasad
Verbal Mention Arinjay Bisht
Jayshree Periwal High School Special Mention Shantanu Singh
Secretary General Shantanu Singh
Award JPHS won the prize for Best Delegation
Rukmani Birla Modern High School Best Delegate Abhigyan Gandhi
High Commendation Devangana Rathore
Special Mention Anand Modi
Verbal Mention Saisha Ajmani & Kunwar Sahi
Award Akshita Sharma
JPHS won the price for best delegation

Nurturing the

To create masterpieces is the instinct that drove humanity to where it is today, to further evolve we need to keep creating works of art and aesthetics that satiate this carnal instinct. This is why at JPHS, we lay heavy emphasis on nurturing the aesthetics (chasing cars). To provide food for thought and to instil a sense of accomplishment in all students they are given an open world with invisible nets of support and care to save them from adversities without undermining their confidence.