At JPHS, we prepare you for your future by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn & build yourself


The school is equipped with the basic materials and facilities including beds and oxygen cylinders to address the health needs of learners while in school. An on-site trained and qualified nurse is available to manage minor health issues that may arise during school hours.


The School has three Auditoriums, which are hubs of various co-curricular activities, events, presentations and competitions. Spacious, and air-conditioned – they are equipped with state-of-the-art Sound Systems, complemented with quality acoustics, to augment the quality of presentations and performances. Accorded with the latest projection system, focus and dramatic lights so as to offer the audience, the highest quality of audio-visual experience.

Art Studio

The Art studio is a centre of strong community of both budding and accomplished artists to connect, collaborate and create unique pieces and have an outlet for their creative aspirations. There are three different Art studios in school – for Primary, Middle and Senior students. There are regular workshops, interactive sessions, intra and inter-school competitions and hordes of other activities conducted to boost students’ sense of accomplishment and confidence. Though every class room in the school has well defined space for students’ artistic endowment, the art room is the cache for art work storage and drying racks. The state of the art furniture from stain-resistant surfaces to bulk-storage shelving , cupboards and work stations for the children to draw, sketch or paint are used to help and facilitate them concretise imagination. Senior students can use Wi-fi for research work and reference. All kinds to tools and art material to facilitate students is available to children with the apt guidance provided by the most equipped art maestros. Thus Art plays an integral role in ensuring the school with a fun-filled and aesthetically superior learning environment.

IT Room

In this technological age, the computer laboratory at JPHS, provides an interactive platform to the students to learn to be proficient in handling technology. There are 4 ICT labs in the school equipped with 200+ computers/laptops. The computer laboratory is used not just to hone the skills of computer geeks, but also provide adequate exposure to the novices. The students get opportunity to learn, create and explore under proper guidance of teachers. The presence of experienced teachers in the lab makes the learning process effective for the students. It caters to the needs of senior secondary students who have taken Computer Science as their elective subject. Technically qualified faculty to navigate and instruct the students with regards to communication and technology are the hallmark of the ICT labs in the school. The computer lab is has state of the art terminals, equipped with all necessary educational amenities to facilitate sound and practical learning. The entire school is networked through computers for interaction between the management, teachers, students and parents.

Music Studio

Music is an important influencer to mark milestones during the day, as well as in children’s lives at JPHS. The instrumental music rooms aim at developing the musical abilities of the students by providing them with various instruments like tabla, sitar, keyboard, violin, guitar and harmonium. They also get opportunity to create good musical compositions and present them in various functions conducted in the school. The vocal music taught gives training to the students under the guidance of qualified music teachers. The rooms are equipped with key based instruments to tap into the musical pursuits of the students. They are taught the nuances of Indian classical and semi classical music, devotional, folk and patriotic songs.


JPHS Classrooms – The fully Air conditioned, brightly lit, large and spacious class rooms are the vibrant hubs of intellectual and fun-filled lessons where the learning process is facilitated with the latest audio-visual aids such as an internet connection, projector, visualizer and screen. All rooms are fitted with large windows which keep the rooms airy and fresh all the time. All safety measures are taken care of. There is 24 hours power back up in school which helps children enjoy their class room experience. The interaction becomes highly impactful as teachers use the raised platform to keep the eye contact while communicating with children. A vigilant and super active helping staff is there to maintain neatness and aesthetic value of the space. The creative endeavours of students are displayed well on the soft boards also providing a colourful ambience to the whole area.