Creative Arts

We want our students to generate new ideas and as such, merely practising what exists is not what we teach them to aim at. We provide them with opportunities to explore the creative portal. Incessant support and latest resources for creativity are provided to the students which help them unlock the vast treasures of imagination and creativity within them.

We believe in nurturing and enhancing their creative skills and this we do by keeping them abreast with the latest trends and new techniques of creativity and global art business.

Thes efforts are well rewarded by our students who have today etched their presence in almost every prestigious institution and universities across the globe.


We endeavour to give our students intense formative and learning experience. We make sure that every child is involved in the process of highlighting his/her expression in a dynamic way. The aim is to provide the much essential familiarity with the nuances of various forms of drama, visual arts, dance forms, script writing, stage productions to name a few.

We are one of the best high schools in Jaipur to provide impeccable training through experienced staff who are there to comfort the students at each step in their quest to hit the right chord, which later directs them towards the career option best suited to their preferences and caliber.

Nurturing the Aesthetics

To create masterpieces is the instinct that drove humanity to where it is today, to further evolve we need to keep creating works of art and aesthetics that satiate this carnal instinct. This is why at JPHS, we lay heavy emphasis on nurturing the aesthetics. To provide food for thought and to instil a sense of accomplishment in all students they are given an open world with invisible nets of support and care to save them from adversities without undermining their confidence.