Introduction to Sports

In this tiresome and inorganic modern lifestyle, it is our firm belief that to be fit and healthy is not only of utmost importance but imperative. And we desire the same from our students. JPHS is the top school in Jaipur To actuate this philosophy we provide the best of infrastructure with impeccable coaches and the most elite range of equipments. Reiterated at JPHS, times numerous, the struggle for excellence is the paramount goal; although it's a goal unreachable but we close in to it, day by day with each accolade earned by our students in numerous competitions across various platforms.

Sports Facilities

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Field and Track Sports
  • Football
  • Skating
  • Gym
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Throw ball
  • Tennis

Sports Affiliations

Cricket Excellence Academy - With the best coaches in the business, we boast a number of recognized players mentored by the academy.

Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy - Training our students in the classic game of tennis we have the tennis maestro Mr. Mahesh Bhupathi's academy present at JPHS.



Nurturing the Aesthetics

To create masterpieces is the instinct that drove humanity to where it is today, to further evolve we need to keep creating works of art and aesthetics that satiate this carnal instinct. This is why at JPHS, we lay heavy emphasis on nurturing the aesthetics (cs). To provide food for thought and to instil a sense of accomplishment in all students they are given an open world with invisible nets of support and care to save them from adversities without undermining their confidence.