Community Outreach

"We don't teach, We educate" - in compliance with this ideology we feel that our responsibility does not limit to the four walls of the school, but education transcends into the soul of the communities. We at JPHS strive to instil a feeling of gratitude in students towards the society and regularly include them in social initiatives. After all, it is but the students that can in the best way present what the management thinks about its duties towards the city and the country.We were among the few schools in Jaipur to take up this initiative. This is also an effort to make the students understand what socially responsible entrepreneurship is and how profitable business can make a profit while doing good.


Education for all, inclusive education at JPHS encompasses under it two initiatives. One of them is Jaagriti, where the school tries to provide aid to the destitute through flow of funds from management and the efforts from the students. This initiative has till now taken steps at adopting a school, educating the under-privileged kids with the help of student volunteers, organising for them and endearing to infuse them into the mainstream.


God made us all different, each of us with a different forte and a characteristic strength. Up keeping of the same philosophy at JPHS has led to the inception of the Disha initiative which aims to provide help and encouragement to the ones who are so different than us yet so similar to us. Empathizing to their yearning of a beautiful life , the school tries to help with steps like taking up volunteership at Disha school annual function where in a team of take charge of the green room and helped conclude a functions that are extremely heart warming and morally enriching.

Hawa Mahal

2 years back honourable PM Mr. Narendra Modi started the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. In order to facilitate this movement the school mobilized man power and resources for the up keep of Hawa Mahal after adopting the national heritage site for over more than a year. With regular visits from the students at JPHS to the site, we ensured that the airy windows to the past had a clean pane.

Green Scouts

In a manner expressing great concern towards nature and representing the budding entrepreneurial skills, the JPHS grade 10 students took it upon themselves to show the city a new way of how a successful enterprise can draw from the waste of the society to create something beautiful and rewarding, All this , while saving the environment and creating job opportunities. This process started with funding of Rs. 50,000 coming in from India first Insurance ( Bank of Baroda ) for the aid of students who proposed the idea of collecting waste clothing from students and staff, to convert them into cloth bags sold in the range of Rs. 6 to 12 to curb the usage of harmful plastic bags. This enterprise mobilized Rs. 50,000 in a manner that created jobs for 15-20 women for over a month and all this while earning a profit.

Social Responsibility

The education of a child is incomplete without the impartation of social responsibility. For it is in the context of social and economic needs, one indeed finds the motivation to innovate better life systems and create new products that offer solutions to day to day human problems. And a child thus nurtured eventually grows into a capable leader who could lead the future generation in to forming an equitable and just society. At Jayshree Periwal High School it is our endeavor to create such world class leaders and to that effect we have made “Community Outreach” an integral part of our curriculum in order to nurture the students with the sense of social responsibility.