Why Should You Join a Club at School?

Admin Dec 18, 2019

Why Should You Join a Club at School?

You must have heard of the saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

To demonstrate interests and polish one's aptitude towards personality building clubs are created at the school level.

Some of the motivating reasons are -

• Social interaction: Introvert or extrovert are two realms of our persona which define our openness to the outer world. For some, a huge gathering of friends brings fun and frolic and for the others, a novel in hand and silence on the lips frame the entire day. Clubs bring openness to those who face stage fear while creating a sense of belongingness and security in social situations.

• Future leaders: Vision and confidence lay the path to a leader in making. Every child holds the potential of being foresighted about his future and extra-curricular in school acts as the base of bringing out the best out of one's human potential which a day to day classroom lecture may not provide.

• An edge over other applicants when applying for college education: Dedication towards constructive activities and not just a rote-learner is what institutes look for before ingressing an individual. With a dash in personality also comes an upgraded resume that throws light upon a wholesome individual.

• Stress, O' Stress go away! : Not just adults but children face heavy competition while being trapped in the clutches when running in the rat race to outshine others. The increase in the weight of school bags and hustle bustle to attend tuitions post-school create a sense of an overburdened brain leading to deterioration in performance. Clubs open up a window of exploration where a child enters into the world of vivid imagination and an interest laden staircase to success.

To which I add a beautiful quote by our former President Dr.Abdul Kalam, "While each child is struggling to be unique, the world around them is trying, by all means, to make them like everybody else".

So children just dream, dream higher with your eyes wide awake, for the school you have chosen shall not bring your imagination to a break.

Be it art, be it craft, be it science or be it a Munners draft.

Follow your aptitude to its front and back and your passion shall guide you on the right track.