"Rest not till you reach"- we stand firm by the motto of the school and strive to provide the best infrastructure to the students at JPHS. The process of modernisation in such dynamic times is never ending, yet we keep abreast with the latest technologies and unhesitatingly incorporate the latest tech like smart boards, inclusion of multimedia, modelled and hands on methods of teaching . The classroom are designed to be naturally well lit with huge windows in conjunction with artificial lights. They are spacious and offer a clutter free environment because long after the students leave they will, but miss the classrooms. The architecture of the building is such that there is a good channel system of airflow through all corridors and classrooms All classrooms are well equipped with user / student furniture offering and air-conditioner , offerring the comfort of home .

Library & Media center

At the very heart of the school is a well equipped modern library with a variety of books, subscription of six dailies, 20 periodicals, 30 magazines and e-resources that provide access to the latest podcasts, Ted talks and other interactive modes of instruction in conjunction with 11,000 academic books and 7,000 creative books. The school enjoys the pride of institutional membership of British Council Library and the American Information Resource Centre. The library acts as an important resource centre for all students with books ranging from reference books, subject related books as well as classics and bestsellers


We don't believe in working any less to stay well nourished. We trust the old ways of working with our sweat and blood and invoke the same thinking in the students. To accomplish the goal of a well-read mind, we provide balanced meals, high in nutrition at two cafeterias. Lunch facilities are available in an AC mess on the premises of the building. The idea is to serve homely meals to the kids so that they get to relish what may be called " Maa Ke haath ka khana " .

Music rooms

The music department works towards the objective of discovering young talents, providing systematic and professional training to groom future musicians.We have separate music rooms catering to Indian, western music and various instruments. The trained faculty provides the technical prowess, which transforms the talent of the students into artistry. The study of music enables students to recognize and discuss musical nuances. They develop deeper sensitivity and affinity for music.

Dance studios

We expect our students to develop versatility, a keen stylistic sense and the prowess to balance technical skills with creativity. Our dance studio and the team of professional choreographers ensure that each student tests his or her dancing shoes. The walls fitted with mirrors provide a glimpse of each angle and every movement enabling the dancers to improve their posture and stance. Regular dance workshops are organized in collaboration with Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts. The schooling community has rewarded these efforts with our students bagging numerous prizes in a myriad of competitions.

Information Technology

With the world open to the core just lying there with all the knowledge of varied subjects for the taking JPHS goes a mile ahead of the usual school IT experience to provide a fully equipped open IT centre to let the internet seep deep down into every sphere of life thus facilitating movement of information To state concrete facts the school has required hardware support with the schooland#39s dedicated data centre to run itand#39s own web server maintaining necessary security relay lessons onto studentsand#39 systems and monitor their work all in real time (huh)

Art studios

We have 3 bright and spacious art studios wherein the young artists explore their skills and decorate the walls with the brilliance of their art. Though the studios are the centers of creativity, students' artwork is prominently displayed throughout our campus. As professed in our mission, creativity and artistry are traits that need to be encouraged, harnessed and celebrated. The students are at liberty to choose from a wide variety of genres and skills - sculpture, modeling, painting, collage making, textiles, murals, ceramics, printmaking, photography, animation, handicrafts etc. Art curriculum encompasses a wide range of activities designed to encourage students to explore and discover new possibilities in visual perception, art processes, and concepts to learn research techniques. Music enhances creativity and thus is played while students express themselves on the canvas.

Other Facilities

The school facilities aid in creating a conducive learnign environment for the students. They add value in terms of aesthetics, recreation, comfort and creative outlets. The school boasts of the following notable facilities

 Auditoriums - Three auditoriums with projectors and sound systems and a combined seating capacity of more than 1200.

Canteens - There are two canteen outlets and one student's mess, all of which boast of hygenic settings and delicious menu; a place for students to hang out during recess.

Elevators and ramps - To make school buildings more accesible and inclusive for everyone.

Conference room - with brilliant aesthetics the conference room is a happening place in the premises


Security and Safety

The entire school premises is covered under a netwrok of CCTV cameras mapping all classrooms, hallways, corridors, auditoriums, entry & exit points in order to ensure students safety at all times. This is to esnure that the students and staff are always under close watch in order to deter any unsafe activities like bullying, disruptive behaviour, inapporpriate touching of students etc. We also have trained gaurds manning the gates at the entry and exit points to prevent any student leaving the premises before time and or strangers to enter the premises without a valid reason.


Supremely may be, the would never reach the zenith if they did not pass the litmus test of public performance. The air-conditioned auditorium is just one such platform for the students to display their talents. The auditoriums has a seating capacity of over 550 people. The wooden stage, the comfortable green rooms and the excellent sound system make performance a pleasure. Our students have the very best equipment to support their forays into the world of performing arts.